Fine Musical Instruments

The Fine Musical Instruments department brings years of experience and the practiced eye of a bench-trained, professional luthier to bear on every instrument brought to Skinner for appraisal, evaluation, or consignment.




Appraisal and Auction Services

Expert musical instrument appraisers carefully evaluate the condition and research the provenance of every musical instrument that comes through Skinner, from 18th and 19th century violins of Stradivarius, Balestrieri, Guadagnini and others to classic Martin guitars and Gibson mandolins.

The Skinner Fine Musical Instruments department deals in fine and high-quality bowed and fretted stringed instruments, primarily through public auction and also through private sale. Skinner auctions of Fine Musical Instruments, held twice annually in the spring and fall, routinely realize highly competitive prices. The department sold a fine and important Stradivarius violin, circa 1721, for $1.4 million, and a 1958 Gibson Explorer Electric Guitar for $611,000 – a world record at auction.

Skinner also presents timed, online-only sales of instruments for students, restoration, and the trade.

Musical Instrument Appraisal and Consignment

Whether for purposes of an insurance appraisal or to assess what your instrument is likely to bring at auction, you’ll benefit from the careful analysis and personalized service of our musical instrument specialists. Skinner provides appraisals and auction evaluations at our Boston and Marlborough Galleries, and online. The Skinner Fine Musical Instruments department deals primarily in fine and high-quality bowed and fretted stringed instruments. Contact us to learn the value of your violin, viola, cello, bow, guitar, or mandolin.

When preparing to sell your fine instrument at auction, the department pairs careful research and authentication with targeted marketing and exposure to those in the best position to buy, including collectors, dealers, and serious instrumentalists, ensuring competitive prices realized at auction for your musical instrument. Learn about selling at Skinner.

Buying Fine Musical Instruments at Auction

Whether you’re an instrumentalist, dealer, or collector, a Skinner Fine Musical Instruments auction is the place to find excellent value in the purchase of fine and high-quality stringed instruments and bows. Auction previews allow players to try the instruments, and arrangements can be made to take instruments on approval. The purchase of a musical instrument at Skinner means a respected provenance, a fair price, and personalized service. Learn about buying at Skinner.

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