The Jim Dixon Collection

Jim Dixon (1943-2020) collected historically and aesthetically significant material and, over time, became a highly regarded carpet collector. His acquisitions came to be known as the ‘Hesperides Collection’, and he frequently opened his doors for public viewing. Most of the rugs in the collection date from before 1860, preceding the dawn of synthetic dyestuffs, and numerous examples in the collection date before 1800. Jim sought to acquire early material as a rule so he could study the design and techniques; examples of these early textiles are often fragmentary; condition was not a concern. A landscape architect, his knowledge of plants informed his passion for the artistic representations of the natural world, and the collection reflects this intrigue in many garden, tree, and lotus palmette carpets. The purpose-built residence Dixon built on the top of a mountain in Occidental, California, dramatically showed pieces of his collection in breathtaking arrangement, cascading dramatically down the immense interior walls. The exterior, painted in deep jewel tones hinted at the dazzling palette of colors within