Silver and Objet de Vertu

Prized throughout the centuries for its decorative allure and trading value, fine silver from cultures and countries around the world consistently performs well at auction.



Versatile, functional, and valuable, silver is the obvious material for fine tableware, virtuoso decorative pieces, religious objects, and commemorative items. It is at once both timeless and modern — its weighty luminosity is almost never out of favor or fashion.

Every age and country has had its own great legacy of silversmithing. Russian enameled silver by Faberge is famous for its beauty and value. Georgian silver from England includes works by Paul Storr and Hester Bateman, and Judaic ceremonial objects from around the world include fine examples of silver craftsmanship.

Colonial American silver makers include Paul Revere and Myer Myers, and Georg Jensen and Arthur Stone are renowned for their 20th century silver designs. China produced export silver for the Western market from the 18th through the 20th century. From antique silver through contemporary studio works, Skinner auctions the very finest silver from every era.

If you’ve collected fine silver, consider offering your collection at auction with Skinner — our experience speaks for itself. If you’ve inherited fine silver, talk to a silver specialist at Skinner before selling your pieces for their melt value. Great silver, properly appraised and presented at auction to a knowledgeable audience, sells for great, even world record prices. Learn more about selling at Skinner.


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